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Logo iET 4.0 format portrait avec erasmus - v6

iET 4.0 is a European project, financed by Erasmus+, for networking and for training industry education professionals, teachers and in-company trainers refers to 4.0 technologies used to support the ecological transition of industrial companies.

The main goals are :
– to develop online training modules
– to create a professional network
– to make Industry attractive for students


The partners of the 3T Industry4.0 project want to continue their work by integrating the notion of ecological transition.

The aim of the project is to study each 4.0 technology in terms of its utility for the ecological transition of industrial companies and the adoption of responsible practices in the use of digital technologies.
The first objective will be to transmit the results of this research to train industry professionals: teachers and trainers in companies.
The second objective is to create educational resources that can be used by teachers to train vocational training students by raising their awareness of the use of digital technologies to make companies more efficient and competitive, but also to limit their ecological footprint.


Contribute to innovation in education and training

Promote the development of skills of professionals in the industry, thanks to innovative training materials in line with current needs: the digitalization of training. The consortium wants to encourage the use of these new digital devices, by showing their usefulness and ease of use.

Adapting education and training to the needs of the labor market

With the health crisis, industrial companies need to take the turn of the 4.0, to ensure their sustainable development, their competitiveness and the maintenance of jobs, but also the turn of the ecological transition.

Fighting against climate change

The post-covid economic recovery must be turned into a gas pedal of the ecological transition.

3TIndustry 4.0 Learning Platform :

The expected results

1- Offer complementary modules focused on the ecological transition deployed online in the form of webinars for professionals.

2- Extract from these modules video clips to be used for student training.

3- Create several events for students to raise awareness on the use of digital technologies to make the company more efficient and to limit the ecological footprint.