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On April 20th, Mecanic Vallée and The CMQE INDUSTRIE DU FUTUR presented to the Education Nationale team of the Académie de Toulouse (la directrice académique des services départementaux de l’éducation (DASEN), les inspecteurs de l’Education Nationale) the 3T Industry project and his continuation : iET4.0 project.

The first objective was to discuss the implementation of the 3T Industry4.0 project, the quality of the training content created and also the inclusion of 3T Industry40 training in the French teacher training catalogue of the « CEFPEP » program.
As reminder, All French teachers receive information and be able to follow these training modules as part of the training courses offered by the French National Education system.

–> The second aims was to explain why and how we introduced the notion of sustainable development into the work of the iET4.0 project.