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The headquarters of the Aragon Automotive Cluster (CAAR) hosted the second meeting of the ‘iET4.0’ consortium, a European project involving the French cluster of the industrial area of Toulouse Mechanic Valée, the French educational promotion entity Campus des métiers et des qualifications d’excellence de l’industrie du futur and CAAR, which aims to network and train industrial education professionals, teachers and company trainers. The aim is to provide these networks of teachers with material on Industry 4.0 technologies and their use to support the ecological transition of industrial companies.
The project, which is funded by Erasmus+ and has a duration of one year, started in December 2021 and at its halfway point has brought together its three partners in Zaragoza to evaluate the development of the educational content and plan to carry out pilot tests with education professionals in the coming months. When the content is fully developed, it will be incorporated into the free online training platform of the 3Tindustry4.0 project, in which CAAR partner Aitiip is also collaborating.
The aim of the project is to study each 4.0 technology in terms of its usefulness for the ecological transition of industrial companies and the adoption of responsible practices in the use of digital technologies. In addition, it wants to transmit the results of this research to train professionals in the sector: teachers and trainers in companies.
To this end, educational resources are being developed that can be used by teachers free of charge to train VET students, raising their awareness of the use of digital technologies to make companies more efficient and competitive, but also to limit their ecological footprint. Thus, ‘iET4.0’ integrates the notion of ecological transition into the principles put forward by the ‘3T Industry4.0’ project, developed by the same three partners and which was considered an Erasmus+ good practice by the French agency managing the program.



Source : https://www.auto-revista.com/texto-diario/mostrar/3795161/caar-colabora-desarrollo-formacion-industria-40-sostenible